Our Boxes

Tomb in a Box

In the development of our first box we were able to see that adopting a multi-sensory experience combining text, objects, voices, and associated hands-on activities was able to grow student interest in the study of ancient history and also increase knowledge retention. How could we adapt this approach to give voice to our students?

Goulburn Valley in a Box

Representatives from three schools in the Goulburn Valley worked together to create a box which tells the unique stories of the place of its creation and the reasons why the suite of objects it contains were chosen as symbolic of the region and its diverse population.

Dubai in a Box

The Goulburn Valley in a Box was presented at our March 2022 workshops at EXPO2020 Dubai. Following those workshops Heba spent time with Year 11 students at GEMS Modern Academy as they created their surprising ‘Dubai in a Box’. Lift the lid to learn more about the great diversity of the people who call Dubai their home.

Cairo in a Box

From Dubai the Goulburn Valley in a Box then flew on with Heba to her home in Cairo where it was presented to students at the Tawasol Foundation School. What a wonderfully evocative set of objects these students have chosen for their ‘Cairo in a Box’.

Pyramid Hill in a Box

Created by a group of Year 9 and Year 10 students from a school in a small rural Australian town this box will be complete by February 2023 and from then it will begin its international travels.


Getting Out of Our Boxes

This box represents the versatility of the Story in a Box approach to storytelling. Delegates to the box creation workshop at Symposium 2022 worked together to create a box which represented their individual stories and how they related to their participation at the symposium. The box will be complete in early 2023.