Our Project

Our first Story in a Box showcases the beautiful Goulburn Valley, an area in south-eastern Australia which is home to 160,000 people, some who live in a regional city, and others who call a small town or farm their home. It is a place of great cultural diversity. Here, Australian indigenous people, as the traditional owners and original inhabitants, maintain a long and continuing living tradition. At the same time, a growing international community has emerged, particularly in the regional centre of Shepparton. A multicultural group of 15-year-old Goulburn Valley students have chosen a set of ten objects and shared the stories of why these objects are so important to them – The Goulburn Valley in a Box was born.

With support from the Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) this box has already travelled to to Egypt and Dubai and its journeys will continue in 2023. It is the foundation story for the first of many international conversations generated by the sharing of Stories in a Box.

Are there special objects in your life which would help someone in another country, who doesn’t know you and cannot speak your language, understand who you are, where you live, and what is important in your culture and community? If you would like to share your objects and their stories with others all over the world, please contact us so you can discover how you can contribute to ‘Then and Now: Our Story in a Box’.